R5,170.00 Incl Vat


Paradox Alarm System Kit Comes With;

  • 1 x MG5050 Wireless Alarm Panel takes up to 32 sensors
  • 1 x Touchscreen Keypad TM50
  • 1 x Metal Box 28 x 28 x 7.6cm
  • 1 x Rem2 Remote Control

Start With The Basic And Build Your Own Security System!


Stop your friends and family in their tracks with the stunning new (5.0 in /12.7cm) TM50 Touch Screen Keypad.This flagship keypad  features best-in-class performance and presentation features on a huge wide-aspect screen while give ultra fast responses when scolling threw menus;you might even forget its a security system.The touch screen keypad (TM50) comes a with a SD Card slot to add your own photos for slides shows.You can add your own home/business floor layout making it easier to identify intruded areas.

The Paradox wireless alarm system can take up to 32 security devices wireless or wired, you decide.The Two Remotes included will advise you if an intrusion has occurred this preventing you from getting any surprises when you or your family get home or your staff open up your offices.

Have a look at the many other benefits of having a Paradox wireless alarm system below.

Benefits: Paradox Wireless Alarm System

1. Remotes notify of the status of your security and includes a panic button.  

2. Touch Screen Keypad displays personalized floor layout to immediately identify intruders.          

3. Can be set to trigger outside or inside lights.                                                                      

4.Can be used to monitor the tempertaure of your home or business.

5.Available in classic Piano Black and Pristine White, as well as other exciting designer colors

6. And much more… 


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